Tips for a successful Internship (IT) 
Written by Mfon-Abasi Essien

It’s more like most students usually put all their strength into finding an Industrial training attachment and when they get one,  they do not put the same strength into making the most of the internship. That is not supposed to be.

Below are some tips to enable you make the most of your IT.

  • Make some research on the industry you are attached with:

Say, you are a Computer Science student that got a placement in an oil producing company, you don’t want to be lost when your colleagues or superiors start talking of how porous a certain reservoir was.  As such,  it would be wise to make some research about the industry you are interning with even if it is outside your field of study. Get to learn some commonly used terminologies and understand what the industry is all about.

  • Start off strong and keep on the same strength to your last day:

Usually most students tend to start their internship in a company with so much zeal but slack off along the line. Try to make your case different because people are watching. You are going to be judged, not only on your performance and behavior to work at the start of your internship, but on your performance and behavior to work all through your internship period.

  •   Be professional or better still,  act professional :

Come on guys,  you may not have professionalism at heart but please,  act it.
Your mode of dressing, speech and literally everything about you should scream professional!
Guys, the work place in a big organization( especially multinationals)  is not the best place to communicate with pidgin or vernacular. Stick to English except need be for other languages.
I mentioned that everything about you should scream professional. Yes,  including your ring tone. You don’t want to put on a ringtone that would distract people from their work if your phone rings. Also, having your phone ring in a conference meeting is a big no. Never forget to put your phone in silence before walking into that meeting hall or room.

  • It’s your internship not your supervisor’s:

Always keep that in mind.
For some reason, our supervisors are always too busy and have little or no time for us.  Yeah,  but don’t let this be a reason for you to not make the post of your industrial training period because it’s not like these supervisors are paid to look after you or oversee your welfare( in most companies). It’s your internship so don’t just sit there in the office and be running errands when your supervisor is not teaching you anything or not giving you a job to do. Go up to him and ask him questions about the  current job he is working on. Seek clarification from him about something you read somewhere, who knows,  you could learn one or two things from there. I mean,  it’s better than just staying there and holding a silent grudge against your supervisor for not teaching you.

  • Every morning before leaving your house,  ask yourself : what am I going to do to make the most out of today? 

Yes guys. Every single day counts.


  •   Keep your baggage and stress outside of the work place:

No matter what family problems you may be facing at home,  try to walk into the workplace with a positive attitude ready to make the most out of your day.

  •  Inclusiveness and Unity in diversity:

You’re going to be meeting people from different places and people with different characters. Try to be inclusive in your dealings and cultivate the habit of team work.


  •   Your network is your net worth:

Your place of internship is a perfect place to build your network. This is not the time to be an introvert and be waiting for someone to talk to you first. Walk up to people and create relationships with them. Ask for mentorship from any of the people you work with and more importantly build your relationship with your network even after your IT period.

  •  Performance and relationship currencies:

An icon once said that there are two currencies in the workplace; the Performance and the relationship currency. The performance currency is based on the work that is being given to you-know-what doing the work efficiently and with a little extra on top of it.  The relationship currency is based on your – well,  relationship with other people,  superiors and colleagues.  Make the most of these two currencies and I can tell you that you have made the most of your internship.

I hoped this helped. Leave a comment if you deem fit. I wish you the best of luck in your internship.


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